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My name is Chelsea Lin, and I am the artist behind Birdie Tree Beads. I am originally a Speech Pathologist by trade, specializing in swallowing disorders in patients with dementia and post stroke. However, in 2020 as we all learned to navigate in a new world, I suddenly found myself a stay-at-home mom related to the global pandemic.


 My husband, Tyler and I have 4 young children: Sky (Birdie) is 7, Willow (our little tree) is 3, and our twin sons Hendrix and Lennon are 2. I am inspired by families love of nature in all of my jewelry designs.   

What started as a home-schooling arts and crafts clay project, has quickly formed into a new passion and creative outlet for me. So now, I spend all my free time (insert sarcastic laugh here) experimenting and creating with polymer clay.  I’m so excited to share my new creative outlet with anyone who wants to enjoy it with me through my process videos on my social media platforms. (@birdietreebeads)

I have learned the process of drying wildflowers along the way, and I love incorporating these into my jewelry. 

As a Speech Pathologist and a mama, helping others is what fuels me; thus, it gives me the greatest happiness to know that my jewelry has a greater purpose. By planting trees with every item sold we are doing our part to help create a healthier global climate and restore natural habitats for our animal friends.

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